Hello! We are The Andersons, and it means so much to share our space with you.

The Andersons

Moving to this property in 2016 triggered an awakening that has changed our lives forever. It is here that we work harder than we knew we could, learn what we do not know, see what what Nature has always been offering, and live more connected to life, ourselves and one another. Time spent here has redefined what it means to feel balance between action and rest, and we want to everyone to have the same opportunity to experience their own shift along that spectrum. We share this space for the healing and wellness of all beings everywhere, that all beings everywhere be happy and free.

We're Pleased to Meet You!

Together we enjoy creating comfortable gatherings for all of life's occasions. Contact us for a tour to see if this particular landscape will be right for you and yours!

Sean Anderson

Sean is a classically trained chef who has over 25 years of professional culinary experience. He is passionate about continously learning, and is expanding his skillset as finish carpenter in the Triangle area.

Miriam Anderson

Miriam is a corporate professional and certified yoga instructor who's been teaching since 2014.  She is passionate about every individual's pursuit of and return to balance.

Drew Anderson

Drew is our loving English Labrador, registered Pet Therapy Animal and proud member of the Read With Me program of the Pet Partners Organization.

Wilson Anderson

Wilson is Drew's silly half, our playful English Labrador, joyful member of the All Dogs Allowed community and Therapy Animal in his own sweet way.

Silly Nico

Official greeter and party crasher, this little guy is a big personality and makes us laugh every day.

Loving Remy

If he chooses you to say hi to, get ready for some of the softest fur and sweetest purrs you've ever met!