Frequently Asked Questions

Which rental duration is right for me?

When you, or your guests, or your event materials are on property, you are using the property. Therefore, hosts are expected to select a duration that includes time for arrival, set-up, break-down and departure.
Some hosts choose to select a longer rental duration than they think they will need so as to avoid having to watch the clock during their visit; there are overage fees when rental durations are exceeded on either side of the Term.

For avoidance of doubt, arrival by hosts or guests prior to the start of the reservation, or presence on property beyond the end of the reservation, will result in overage fees.  Please plan accordingly.  

Duration recommendations are available within each description on the Reservations page.

Can I invite more than 20 people?

No, 20 people is the maximum occupancy being offered for use of this property. This celebrates and protects this land, while best supporting the comfort, learning, reflection, connection and transformation of those who gather.  Being an intimate clearing among nature is what makes Sky Pond unique, and we encourage you to embrace this as is in order to receive the fullness of the property for you and your guests! 

Logistical considerations include:
- Limited parking (a maximum of 13 parking spots)
- Limited seating
- Efficiency units for climate control
- Indoor studio space is recommended for 10 yoga mats, 12 max

Personal considerations include:
Our intention to care for this property and land is of the highest priority.  Large gatherings in the same location repeatedly over time will accelerate the rate of impact to Rocky Road, the Sky Pond driveway, lawn, and structures, beyond a speed at which we can renew them. Without being able to match that level of use with an equal level of care, we risk creating an imbalance among the earth, soil, trees, pond and the area's local inhabitants. This is misaligned with our stewardship and compromises on sharing the space for the wellness of all beings.

While we would love to set the stage for all events, it is most important to us that this landscape is a best fit!  We strongly encourage everyone to schedule a tour to explore the space and its possibilities prior to scheduling their event.  

Is the cabin climate controlled? 

Yes! The cabin is climate controlled via mini-split efficiency unit supplemented with a propane stove in the winter months. 

An additional AC window unit and space heater are included during extreme conditions.

Does the studio have yoga props?

Yes! The following prop set-up is included with your rental:
~ Folding Chair x 12
~ Mat x 12 (indoor) and x 6 (outdoor)
~ Blocks x 24
~ Blankets x 24
~ Strap x 12
~ Bolster x 12
~ Eye Pillows x 12

NOTE: The indoor studio space is most suitable for a group of 10 participants doing yoga on mats, or 12 participants using folding chairs. 

Are you pet-friendly?

Yes! We are pet-friendly but respectfully request to be informed if your fur-babies will be accompanying your visit. There is a dog wash station (bring your own towels) on site!   

NOTE: There is no fencing around the property perimeter or pond.

Those with sensitive allergies need to plan accordingly for their visit.

Do you offer food services?

We are not currently offering food services, however we are happy to recommend preferred vendors for catering or take home truffle treats.  Packing in from home or a favorite local restaurant are also appropriate options for eating while here. Many guests bring crock pots with soups, chilis or dips.

The cabin has an outdoor flat-top griddle and a microwave in the living space.  Assorted teas available.

Can I take a tour?

Yes, we would love to provide you with a tour! Exploring the property is the best way to consider the possibilities and there is nothing to lose, dreaming is free!  Walking the space is the next step to making your vision become a reality.  

Tours can be scheduled directly from the Reservations page. Tour frequency is limited, so do contact us if an alternate day or time is preferred. We will do our best to accommodate it.

Is the property wheelchair accessible?  

This landscape is not recommended for those working with limited mobility in their bodies, including and not limited to the use of a wheelchair, walker, crutch(es), cane or other aid to support their physical movement or balance. 
~ The street and driveway are unpaved
~ The grounds include uneven terrain, rocks and steps  
~ The bathhouse requires a step up to get into it
~ The indoor studio space is on the second floor of the cabin

How far in advance can I make a reservation?

One year in advance! Review availability directly from the reservations page of this website.

What is the cancellation policy?

A 50% deposit is required to reserve the property, which becomes non-refundable 30 days before the first day of the term. The remaining balance is required no later than 7 days prior to the beginning of the term, at which point the full amount is non-refundable. Reservation is subject to cancellation if the remaining balance has not been paid 7 days prior to the start of the term. Details are outlined in the property rental contract for review and agreement at the time of reservation.

What is the reschedule policy?

Reschedule requests within 7 days of the reservation will not be honored.
Reschedule requests within 30 days of the reservation must be PAID IN FULL to finalize the new date for the reservation.
The rescheduled date is FINAL; each reservation is granted ONE reschedule opportunity only.
The rescheduled date is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Details are outlined in the property rental contract for review and agreement at the time of reservation.

Can I bring my own yoga teacher?

Yes! Personally tailored yoga sessions provided by Miriam are available for add on to your rental experience, but you are welcomed to bring your own favorite teacher on site as well.  

Recommendations are available for other movement and energy practitioners (Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Reiki, Thai Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Nutrition consultation, etc.), at each provider's individual pricing. Just ask if connection is desired.

What are the main expectations when enjoying this property?

It is our collective and individual responsibility to care for the world in which we live. We thank you in advance for your partnership in the care of Sky Pond as follows:

1. Sky Pond is a non-smoking property.  This boundary is in support of our healing and wellness, and in safety for all guests in the surrounding woodlands.

2. "Leave no trace" principle behavior ( is required. This includes 'pack it in, pack it out' activity, and that the use of confetti, glitter or any material which can not be fully removed by the host is strictly prohibited both indoors and out.

3. The campfire is for burning natural materials only. Additives (including chemicals, accelerants, color-changers, and other flame-enhancing products like Magical Flames™) are prohibited.

4. Use of firearms or fireworks is prohibited.

5. Swimming in the pond is prohibited.

Adherence to these expectations, as well as all other property guidelines as defined in the property rental agreement, and posted on the premises are required. Failure to do so may result in fines, dismissal and rejection for future visits as host or guest.

How can a guest prepare for their visit?

1. Before committing to spend time here as a host or a guest, you must ensure that the level of accessibility is suitable for each individual's needs (see FAQ re: property wheelchair accessible for details).

2. Plan for your arrival: Review the driveway map and parking strategy to facilitate an efficient arrival for an event.  It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that guests are able to leave at their leisure and that emergency response vehicles have direct access to the building.  Ask your host for a copy of the map and contact Sky Pond directly with questions.

3. Plan for your comfort: Dress in layers and for the weather, including outerwear, footwear, sun protection, and insect repellent. 

4. A filtered hot / cold water station is available, use of your own personal bottles or mugs is appreciated.

Take care of yourself and one another by planning ahead!

That answers my questions,
I'm ready to make a reservation!